In an emergency, time is of the essence. In an emergency at school, those precious seconds between the notification of first responders and their arrival could mean the difference between saving lives and losing them.

Knowing that seconds count in an emergency is one of the many reasons that school systems are utilizing technology to speed up the connection between issues on campus and the arrival of first responders. One such technological advance in this area is expected to be in use in Lafayette Parish Schools by the first of January.

The Rave Mobile Security App will allow on-campus personelle the ability to use one button to contact outside help, such as police, fire, or medical. Or, should the person needing aid only need help from within the school it will allow them to summon other faculty members and staff with the touch of that same button.

The app was introduced last month by Governor Edwards and Louisiana State Police. Officials with Lafayette Parish Schools have indicated they plan to have the system fully functional in all 46 schools within the system by January 1st of 2020.


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