Lafayette, Louisiana (KPEL) - Logan Angelle, the mother of a recent Northside graduate who was arrested for allegedly threatening to "beat up" the school' principal recently, is speaking out about the incidents that led to her and her son getting banned from the school's campus and subsequent arrest.

Angelle and her son, Braylon, said in an interview with NewsTalk 96.5 KPEL that Braylon was at last week's Northside High School football game when a staff member cursed him out, video of which was captured and posted to her Facebook page.

WARNING: Language

She was told to return to the school on Monday to file a report, but she decided not to because, according to her, the teacher had been suspended. However, she changed her mind because a school board member told her to go ahead and still file a report, so she went to the school on Wednesday.

"Wednesday, I got a call from the board to go ahead and fill out the report so that they could have it documented," Angelle explained. "I got there Wednesday to speak to the officer and we were greeted by the principal."

Angelle claims the principal, Julia Williams, greeted her with a "nasty smirk" and told her that she and her son were banned from the campus.

The reason behind the ban, she said, was because Braylon didn't comply with the request to leave the previous Friday night.

Angelle denies that she threatened Williams, but admits she did block the door when the principal tried to leave.

"I stepped in front of the school door," she explained. "And, I know I can come off as intimidating when speaking because I'm passionate. I'm passionate about my kids."

"But did I threaten her? Not at all," she added.

She was later pulled over on Moss Street by a different police officer, she said, and was told she was being charged with assault on a school teacher.

"I thought he was joking," Angelle said of that moment.

As previously reported, jail records support that she was arrested, but bonded out quickly. According to Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Department records, Angelle-Griffin was given a bond of $250 and is not currently in prison, but is awaiting a court date.

The full interview can be listened to below.

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