Fake it til you make it?

Maybe that's what a Lafayette woman was thinking when she allegedly snuck into an LSU graduation and swiped someone else's diploma.

Bianca White was accused of inserting herself into the December 2017 ceremony alongside real LSU graduates and was able to walk across the stage inside the Pete Maravich Assembly Center. Police said White was involved in the entire graduation process and successfully took a purple diploma cover along with a diploma that belonged to another student.

For anyone asking why someone would steal a diploma that wasn't rightfully theirs, it seems as if White just wanted to make it seem like she graduated from Louisiana State University.


White inserted a forged diploma inside the cover, giving the appearance that she had earned a degree from LSU.

According to the arrest report White is from Lafayette and was booked into jail earlier this month on multiple charges that are detailed in the full report from WBRZ.

This only proves that once again there is no substitute for hard work.

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