Keith Sweat brought down the house at the Heymann Center—but that wasn't all he brought down.

During an interactive performance of "I'll Give All My Love To You" Keith Sweat invited a fan from the audience up to be a part of the show, but the moment may have been too much for her to handle.

As you can see in the clip posted by local videographer John Weatherall III, Keith serenades the Lafayette woman—putting her into somewhat of a daze. Things took a turn as the R&B crooner decided to put a little "UMPH" into his show, which was definitely not expected by the fan as she nearly lost her wig!

According to friends who attended the concert, the female fan took it in stride and even had a good laugh over the hilarious moment. Keith even shared it on his own social media, so now she's got an amazing story to tell for life.

As it would turn out, the #KSExperience is definitely a hair raising experience.

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