When I was a kid we played a lot of games in our backyard. We played whiffle ball, kickball, baseball, kick-the-can, and even football. Not once did we ever think about holding a pole vault competition. Now that I see how to do it, I think that's what my family might be doing for Mother's Day. NOT!

Mondo Duplantis

Duplantis, who now vaults for Sweden along with
2012 Olympic Champion Renaud Lavillenie of FranceSam Kendricks of the United Statespole vault competition done virtually

In the end, it was Duplantis and Lavillenie who tied for "the gold" and Kendricks was awarded "the bronze". Each competitor was given 30 minutes to clear as many bars at five meters as possible. By the way, five meters is basically 16 feet and some change. Granted, it's not the highest these guys will ever vault but remember they were attempting to clear the most bars in 30 minutes.

In case you were wondering, Mondo was competing from his backyard in Lafayette. Kendricks was competing from his farm located just outside of Oxford Mississippi. And Lavillenie was on the clock from his home near Clermont-Ferrand France.  Lanvillenie says of his tie with the much younger Duplantis, he'll give the kid a rematch later.


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