LAFAYETTE (KPEL News) - Lafayette's new police chief, Judith Estorge, has a lot of plans to bring the community together.

At a press conference and reception for her inauguration to the job, Estorge talked about being visible and transparent in the community.

"My goal is to listen to your concerns and earn your trust," she told those attending the press conference. "Within the first 60 days, our officers and commanders will be more involved in community activities and events."

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Some events include scheduling a community walk with the Lafayette Sheriff's Office, community leaders, and the Lafayette City Marshall's Office.

Mayor-President Josh Guillory spoke highly of the new chief. "I have no doubt that Chief Estorge will lead the department with full excellence," he said.

Estorge is the first female police chief in Lafayette's history.

"It is an incredible feeling," she said when asked about it. "It has been an incredible experience. The support I've gotten from the community, the officers... it's been overwhelming."

The new chief is a Lafayette native who also attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. While she was there, she studied Criminal Justice, and eventually joined the department in 1993.

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Credit: Joe Cunningham/KPEL News

"She served as a patrol officer, a traffic motor officer, a detective in the Criminal Investigative Division, a Precinct 3 sergeant, and watch commander. Currently, Estorge is the commander of Precinct 4 where she is responsible for overseeing a staff of 25 patrol officers, 4 sergeants, 1 lieutenant, and 1 administrative assistant," LCG announced in its October release, announcing the hire.

Guillory made the choice after weeks of narrowing down the candidates. The department had been without a permanent chief since the former occupant of the office, Thomas Glover, Sr., was ousted after Guillory and his office "lost faith" in Glover's ability to lead LPD.

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