On Tuesday Airbnb announced that they would be enforcing a permanent ban on all parties at their rental locations.

This ban came about after the start of the pandemic in 2020 but has led to a 44% drop in parties at the company's rentals.

Closer to home there was a situation involving a wild party at one of Airbnb’s properties.

Over the weekend there was a situation at one of Airbnb’s rental properties in Lake Charles. The rental house is located on West Claude Street and the renters created quite a mess for the property owners to clean up.

Katie Little said that she has been renting her house on Airbnb for several years and has never had an issue until this past weekend. Katie went on to say that she was completely in shock when she saw the videos that her neighbors were sending to her.

When Katie watched the videos she noticed a lot of illegal activities going on at the home. She said that she did notice some juveniles present at the party which really concerned her.

“We went in to find disco balls, stripper poles, toilets were thrown off the roof, kids with busted up faces because they had thrown themselves off the roof, drugs, alcohol, a bunch of minors, and of course a parent who had hosted all of this for a bunch of kids,” Little said.

Lake Charles Police Chief Shawn Caldwell did say that their department is aware of the situation and has opened an investigation into the party.

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Caldwell does want parents to know that,

“You may be culpable for allowing this to happen either at a place that you may rent or your own home, you can still be held liable criminally and civilly for some of these actions. So, be aware of what you are doing,” Caldwell said.

You can watch the video of the Police Chief's statement below:


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