For anyone wondering how coronavirus is still spreading wildly across the country, here is one prime example.

For the second time in as many months, Lake of the Ozarks was trending for their blatant disregard for COVID-19 after video clips of a huge EDM bash went viral on social media. The concert was packed with people side by side and not only was there no social distancing, but "almost no one was wearing a mask." TMZ posted a mashup of the video clips.

TMZ, Instagram
TMZ, Instagram

For those keeping counts, Missouri isn't immune to COVID-19 with over 50,000 cases and 1,276 deaths to date.

Everyone has their own opinion on the seriousness of COVID-19, but like TMZ mentioned

this is not about them risking their own lives. It's about risking the lives of others they come in contact with ... especially since testing is virtually useless in some states because the lag in getting results is sometimes upwards of a week

Lake of the Ozarks is no stranger to going viral for this type of behavior. They went viral for the same thing on the 4th of July, so at this point, this is just how it goes down in Missouri.

Seeing this footage gives me equal parts anxiety and frustration because I wonder when we'll ever get back to this type of energy at concerts and sporting events but I also know the more we see things like this, the longer it will be until we can even have a chance to get back to these types of crowds.

By this point, anyone in a crowd like this is fully aware that what they're doing, but for whatever reason, they just don't care.

Would you be in attendance if this event was held in your town?

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