This is a completely new look for New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell.

Due to coronavirus restrictions, New Orleans has looked less like a carnival and more like a ghost town as the streets and bars have been closed for Mardi Gras weekend.

At some point on Fat Tuesday, a small crowd took to the streets in the French Quarter for a bit of reveling that was caught on camera. In a video posted by @pettybetty_ on Twitter, a visual of LaToya Cantrell's face on a voodoo doll could be seen as people danced around it in the streets.

Cantrell has gotten her fair share of criticism—mainly due to frustrations that have surrounded all the restrictions in New Orleans over the past year after the city was identified as one of the biggest super spreader "hot spots" in the country at the beginning of the pandemic.

Mardi Gras was at the center of the COVID spread in 2020, so Cantrell didn't want to have a repeat of last year which surely played into the lockdown on carnival season.

Only time will tell if the lockdown was worth it, as numbers over the next few weeks will determine where New Orleans stands in terms of moving forward with fewer restrictions or keeping their current guidelines in place.

Let's hope this Cantrell voodoo doll doesn't put any extra bad gris-gris on the Big Easy.

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