There has been a trend amongst musicians to take songs they love and put their spin on them by adding a verse from their perspective that represents who they are as an artist. Often you discover new musicians this way because they choose a popular song you know well and then add an unexpected twist that makes you wish their version existed on a streaming platform. That is precisely the case with this video posted by Louisiana Native Gem Caesar.

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Latto's 'Put it on Da Floor' With a Louisiana Twist

By now you have probably heard Latto's ‘Put it on Da Floor’ which features Cardi B. Back in June the song went viral across Acadiana because Cardi shouts out LSU and to top it off Angel Reese makes a cameo in the music video for the song.

The video appears to take place at a camp by the look of the deer heads hanging on the wall behind him proof he's probably "been in the basin chasin anything" he can shoot.

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Although, if you see any deer in the basin that might not be a good sign. By the look of his Instagram it's safe to safe he was referencing gators in this line.


Meet Lousiana Rapper Gem Caesar

Gem Caesar’s social media reflects a country boy that loves all things Louisiana and he clarifies that he's "not your average rapper coming straight from out the boot" A couple of scrolls down his page and you will see he was telling the truth.

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Louisiana-Inspired Lyrics Hit Home

Now that you have an idea of who Gem Caesar is, it's easy to see how his lyrics mirror his day-to-day life and what he enjoys doing in his free time when he isn’t rapping about  "crabs and Rockefeller" with his "Creole Cinderella". It's no secret that country and rap work weirdly well together, and the music Caesar writes is a prime example of that.

His content grabs your attention because he is authentically himself. The Louisiana Rapper isn’t posing as a country boy but rather he is being his true self, which is a refreshing change from most of the content we come across on social media on any given day.

Louisiana Proud

"She like a crawfish when she back up..."

We found ourselves cracking up at the accuracy of his Louisiana-inspired rap. It's one of those songs that every time you listen you hear something different. The first time we heard the line "she like a crawfish when she back up" had us rolling with laughter.

We recommend watching the video more than once to really catch all the clever lines he wrote about "Couyons" made from scratch and Louisiana ladies that will "make you take her fishing" just so she can sit there and look pretty while you do all the work. Sound familiar? I know plenty of women in Louisiana enjoying fishing but there's still a hand full of us that tag along for the high noons and to provide moral support of course.

Watch the video below and Drop your favorite line in the comments. We hope it makes you smile with Louisiana pride because this was certainly the highlight of our day.

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