Acadiana native Lauren Daigle is a hot property. She's won 2 Grammys. Lauren has a #1 Contemporary Christian album. Her single, "You Say" is a multi-chart hit.

Lauren wrote her first song, reportedly about chocolate milk, at age 5. She was stricken with mononucleosis and had to stay home from school for an extended period. She became intensely focused on music during that time, setting her on her current path.

The Cheat Sheet reports, Lauren was rejected by the judges on American Idol more than once. She didn't make the final 24 in 2010, and was cut in the first Las Vegas round in 2012.

Oh, well? When you think about it, how many "Idol" winners have gone on to successful careers in music? Kelly Clarkson & Carrie Underwood. That's about it.

Here's Lauren's performance from the 2012 Las Vegas round...

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