Lil Durk says his beef with 6ix9ine isn't so serious that he wants to see the Brooklyn, N.Y. rapper dead. However, Durkio would be satified with being responsilbe for forcibly removing Tekashi's choppers.

On Wednesday (May 24), DJ Akademiks released another part of his interivew with Lil Durk. During the sitdown, Durk talked about his beef with 6ix9ine and why he recently addressed it.

"I'm knocking all your teeth out your mouth that's all I think of in my head," said Lil Durk around the five-minute mark of the video below. "I see you I'mma knock all your teeth out ya mouth. Ion want nobody dead. Why I want you dead? Give me a good reason why I want 6ix9ine dead?"

Ak explained that people thought Durk wanted 6ix9ine dead because he is considered a snitch. Although Durk acknowledged that he hates "rats," he rejected any theories that he wanted 6ix9ine deceased.

"I hate all rats. If you ever told, if you ever tell, I hate you like with a passion," Lil Durk stated. "Like, because that took away half of my...that made me who I am today. It took away half of my life. Like muthaf***as telling them my pops and...that's what I'm saying I needed."

"So I was raised by a woman. I'm saying it was my mama who taught a n***a everything I know," he continued. "So, I really hate rats with real passions. Like, I hate you bad. I'm looking to the camera, I hate a f**king a rat. But other than that, it's like what [6ix9ine] do?" 

The interview comes on the heels of Lil Durk challenging 6ix9ine to a fight for $50 million a couple weeks ago in direct messages on Instgram.

"I don't want you hurt or dead, you a kid from the burbs," Lil Durk's first message reads. "I got $50 million my own money without help to fight you on TV in [Dubai]. We can double the money. Three rounds. Go talk to your rich friends. Let's set it up [September]. Stop the violence lol."

Tekashi shot down to Lil Durk's proposition.

"It's so funny cause I know you on album press run," 6ix9ine typed. "U need anything to promote this album since NBA YoungBoy not biting the bait. But I want to fight you for no money p***y. For free. Come to Miami. Let's get a hotel room and throw down 1 on 1."

Lil Durk then turned down 6ix9ine's terms.

"Bait? Hotel? Aw nah I'm cool enjoy your day," the OTF head honcho replied. "I'm not worried about sales I just wanted to beat your a** [for] some money."

Lil Durk and 6ix9ine have been trading shots for a couple of years, with 6ix9ine taking things as far as to diss King Von following his death to spite Durk.

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