Video has surfaced of Lil Durk pushing a fan at a recent concert for allegedly disrespecting King Von.

On Sunday (June 26), Lil Durk performed at De Kuip Stadium in Rotterdam, Netherlands. During the show, things went left when the Chicago rapper put hands on a fan. In video captured from the show, Durk starts to turn up to King Von's "Crazy Story," when he abruptly tells the DJ to cut the sound. He then points out somebody in the crowd.

"Yeah, you," Durk says.

Lil Durk then walks to the front of the stage and has what appears to be a tense conversation with the young man he called out for several seconds. Durk punctuates the chat by shoving the man.

"Aye, look," Lil Durk addresses the crowd afterward. "I don't give a fuck where I'm at, nobody disrespecting Von in this bitch. You know how the fuck we rocking."

XXL has reached out to Lil Durk's team for comment.

Lil Durk's archnemesis 6ix9ine has chimed in on the incident. He commented on the video in the comments of an Instagram blog.

"Fan held his ground. Von rolling in the flames of hell," 6ix9ine posted.

"The fan saw right past the 'ACT/persona' .. he wasn’t scared. If it wasn’t for the security that boy was steppin by himself," Tekashi added in a follow-up post.
6ix9ine comments on Lil Durk push
6ix9ine comments on Lil Durk shove.

Lil Durk is on the heels of releasing his 7220 deluxe album. The update version features the track "Huuuh" where he appears to take a shot at 6ix9ine.

"Man, I'm Durk, and you got my lo', why you play with Perk? (Why you play with Perk?)/Fuck the feds, who walk around with you, them niggas gon' get hurt (Grrah)," the OTF rhymer spits, in reference to Tekashi allegedly ambushing Durk's look-alike, Perkio, back in April.

The new 7220 release is actually Lil Durk's third version of the album, but the project is still doing numbers. It is being projected to beat out Chris Brown's new Breezy album on the Billboard 200 chart.

Check out video of Lil Durk shoving a fan for allegedly disrespecting Von below.

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