A young food critic out of Baton Rouge is making waves on Instagram.

His name is Cullen Snow, and he is a 3-year-old food critic out of Baton Rouge. According to a story from The Advocate, Cullen is quite the star in the local restaurant scene.

His Instagram has racked up over 800 followers and continues to grow, which is pretty impressive because most food critics are able to actually read off the menu.

So where does Lil Foodie love to grub? According to The Advocate,

In the more than 400 posts, you'll find him staring down pizza slices at Reginelli's, barbecue at Bumsteers, or, his all-time favorite, tater tots at Curbside. He's been to City Pork, Sammy's Grill, Zippy's, Southfin Southern Poke and so many more.

Of course, Foodie has a helping hand when it comes to running his social media from his dad, John Snow.

Snow started to document his son's food outings a couple of years ago and soon that turned into what he describes as a unique way of "supporting local restaurants." Beyond being an amazing Instagram dad behind the camera, Lil Foodie's dad is the man behind the clever captions.

Because Snow often tags artists and bands in punny captions that make a clever food play on their lyrics, some of their posts have managed to catch the attention of celebs. In what may be my favorite random Lil Foodie fact, Smashmouth (yes, the band) members are HUGE fans.

Generally, the pun will take a play on a song, and I'll substitute food words into it. If there's an artist behind that song, we'll tag them. When we were at Dearman's on Saturday, I took a picture of Cullen eating a burger, and I wrote the tagline, 'You might as well be walking on the bun.' It was a play on the Smash Mouth song, 'You Might as Well Be Walking on the Sun.'

Like many of us, Lil Foodie's outings have been hindered by the coronavirus restrictions, so the family tries to move around the area, limiting their outings mainly to weekends and opting for outdoor seating when available.

When restaurant owners see Lil Foodie rolling up to their establishment, it's almost like he's a mini Guy Fieri. Some restaurants have actually gone out of their way to accommodate Lil Foodie, like one manager who actually ran down to a convenience store to get Foodie a blue Powerade when he requested one with his meal.

It's just the most amazing thing. The restaurants treat him and us so well, and they don't have to, but they go out of their way to make sure that he always has a great experience. And it further reaffirms that while all this is sort of a fun project for us as a family, it's also important in the COVID landscape for us to support our favorite restaurants directly and also shine a light on the amazing food and experiences they're continuing to turn out even in the time they're working under.

I'll definitely be following Lil Foodie and according to dad, we may see double the fun as Cullen's 9-month-old brother Brooks is already being groomed as Lil Foodie 2.

You can check out both of the Lil Foodiez here on IG to keep up with their grubbing adventures.

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