Lil Pump is not happy about Russ canceling his European tour this past weekend.

On Sunday (Aug. 28), Russ announced on his Instagram page that he would be canceling his upcoming European headlining tour due to personal concerns for his mental health.

"I have to cancel the European tour," he began. "I could make up excuses so that I don't lose money but the reality is mentally I feel like shit. In the last 24 hours shit happened that has led to some extremely lonely and empty realizations about things in my family life that have me head felling like it's gonna burst."

He continued, "I feel terrible about doing this to my European fans. If you no longer support me after this, I get it. If you don't believe my reason, I get it. I've never had to to do this and I feel very defeated but I can't crash and burn and give y'all shitty performances in the way out. You will be refunded from your point of purchase."

Pump apparently caught wind of Russ' announcement and had some aggressive thoughts on it. "You think you got mental health issues?" the "Gucci Gang" rapper began in his Instagram Story post. "I'm from Dade County, bitch. I was born with mental health issues. How 'bout you deal with it and stop being a fucking pussy."

Although he never named Russ, he added in a separate Story, "You know damn well who I'm talking to, boy. Your ass just canceled a whole Europe tour, bitch. Stop fucking canceling shit. Hop on that fucking plane and go do your shows, you fucking pussy."

Russ has yet to respond to Pump, and it doesn't appear likely that he will. He's catching some backlash for canceling the tour and his reasoning due to spending this past weekend on a self-proclaimed "pre-tour vacation."

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