Lil Wayne loves his tattoos and recently he got another tat -- this time on his face. The Young Money head honcho got the word "Baked" tattooed on the side of his forehead. WTF?

Apparently, Weezy got the artwork done because of his love for Baker skateboards. As you know, the rapper is an avid skateboarder and, we assume, he uses the skating company's sturdy boards to skate.

The photo of his new ink was posted on the Lil Wayne HQ website today (Jan. 2). Judging by the image, it's a rather simple design and doesn't appear to have been very painful. Honestly, it's a great product placement for the skating company. We wonder if Baked actually paid (or maybe dared) Wayne to have the tat done. No word if he was actually "baked" when he was sitting under the tattoo gun.

Weezy F. Baby's new permanent artwork adds to the laundry list of tats he's put on his face including a "5 Boro" logo, an "Imperfect" tattoo and, of course, a TRUKFIT "Tommy" logo -- it's his clothing line after all.

Hey, at least Wayne didn't get a "Drake" tattoo etched into his forehead like a dedicated female did two years ago. However, we hope that Wayne slows it down with the ink since he really has no more room left on his body.

What do you think of Lil Wayne's tattoo? Tell us in the comments below.

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