Fendi P, formerly known as Corner Boy P, is gearing up to drop his debut album, Late Nights, Early Mornings, on Jet Life/EMPIRE, and he's aiming to make a splash. What better way to do so than making a song with a rapper from your hometown? P's new song "Wit My Left" features living legend Lil Wayne.

The track, produced by Hendrix, is an eerie, creeping affair, opening with Fendi talking. On the hook, he repeats, "I whip the shit wit my left," then heads into his verse. "I lost a pack, had to suffer (had to suffer), shit had me sick to my stomach/You judge a nigga, how he overcome/ I'm seclusive and nigga a hundred," he delivers.

Wayne spits near the end of the song, and he kills it. Opening his verse with "I work this shit with my left, I had to sip and I slept/I woke up ready to chef, my hoe up ready to F/We pull up on y'all when y'all deep/We be mellow, mysterious and mystique," tells you everything you need to know. If that isn't enough, he follows up with "Give us a check that's murder, fuck the verdict/Trap in your area, chain like aquarium/Right hand or left whip up, we ambidextrous."

As of late, Wayne has been making headlines for his seemingly-improved relationship with Birdman, the head of Cash Money Records. Wayne attended the soundtrack release party for Baby's documentary, Before Anythang. Birdman has also publicly acknowledged that the two are doing better, but that their relationship still needs some work.

In music news, Weezy snatched up a gold plaque for his work on Kodak Black's "Codeine Dreaming."

Listen to Fendi P and Lil Wayne's "Wit My Left" below.


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