The Grammys are a night of celebration, dedicated to the spirit of coming together to honor major artistic and commercial success — but for Lil Wayne fans, last night’s ceremony was a cause for concern, due to rumors that he was going to be arrested on gun charges after his performance with Chris Brown, David Guetta, Foo Fighters and deadmau5. But fear not, Wayniacs: It was all a false alarm, and His Lilness is still a free man.

The news comes straight from Wayne’s label boss, Cash Money Records chief Bryan ‘Birdman’ Williams. “[It's] not true, he’s good,” Williams said when contacted by Forbes. “I never heard about that. He was good all day.”

As Forbes points out, Wayne’s legal troubles have never been much of a creative impediment for the multi-platinum rapper, who even scored a No. 1 record from prison with 2007′s ‘I Am Not a Human Being.’ Still, it’s nice to know he didn’t get carted off to the hoosegow after sharing the Grammy stage last night.

Congratulations on your continued freedom, Lil!