Lil X pulled out a gun on a man who confronted him at a gas station in Los Angeles last night.

According to TMZ, the altercation all started after a man taunted the 22-year-old rapper about the time he "talked s--t" about Tupac Shakur. In case you need some context, Lil Xan called the late rapper "boring" during an interview last year, and it seems like he's still getting a lot of heat for his remarks.

In a video posted on the website, you can see how part of the confrontation goes down. He pulls out the gun after the unidentified heckler calls him a "little b--ch." Lil Xan then goes on to wave it at him and threaten to shoot him if he doesn't leave him alone. The clip ends with him yelling racial slurs at the man before getting in his car.

Check out the shocking footage, below:

Soon after TMZ broke the story, Lil Xan spoke out about the incident on his Instagram Stories, claiming the "media is gonna try and twist what just happened at a gas station."

He explained, "I was about to be attached and resorted to having to use self-defense, f--k all you old head a-- b---hes still talking about that 2pac shit live your own life And stop picking on a kid."

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