Lil Yachty's rise to hip-hop success has been nothing short of meteoric. Now, the 2016 XXL Freshman wants to try his hand at an acting career.

The Atlanta MC hit the red carpet at the 2017 Grammy Awards and answered a question about his recent collaboration with Carly Rae Jepsen for their "It Takes Two" remake, which was featured in a Target commercial.

"It was just a good experience to be able to do something different than normal," Yachty says. "And I'm tryna get into acting, so to be on a Hollywood set and see how everything works, that was just educating me." The reporter follows up by asking Yachty about his "dream role," to which Lil Boat replies, "I don't know. Maybe a thug or something."

His colorful grills were also part of the discussion. Yachty apparently dropped $35,000 on the jewelry, which came from a local Atlanta jeweler Icebox Diamonds and Watches.

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