During a recent trip to the Oregon zoo, a piece of glass was the only thing that stood between a 400lb lioness and a cute baby named Jack. Now it's unclear in the video below whether the Kya, the zoo's normally lazy lioness, has mistaken baby Jack as one of her cubs, or if she is trying to grab a quick bite for lunch. Based on baby Jack's outfit, it may very well be the latter.

Even though there is a glass barrier standing between cuteness and disaster, some folks are criticizing the parents for leaving baby Jack in a potentially dangerous position for a YouTube photo op. While I can't argue with anyone who may feel that way, it's still pretty cool when the kid turns around and calls the lion "kitty kitty" ... like a boss.

Is the lioness using maternal instinct or primal instinct? Were the parents wrong for leaving baby Jack in potentially "dangerous" position, or are others simply overreacting?

Watch the video and you decide!

Lion Tries To Eat Baby At Oregon Zoo

Apparently, this isn't the first time that this has happened.

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