We are continuing to learn more and more about this weird story involving former Notre Dame football player Manti Te'o. By now, we know that Te'o was a victim of a "Catfish" prank and that the girl he fell in love with over the internet never really existed.

The former Heisman Trophy finalist sat down with Katie Couric in a recent interview and he revealed his entire story. Yes, at one point he did lie to those around him about his "fake girlfriend," but he says he did so in order to protect his team and teammates from any further distractions while going into the BCS National Championship game.

On the talk show, he revealed that he spent hours on the phone with someone he believed was a Stanford alum who was in a relationship with him. An investigation by the sports blog Deadspin found that no such woman existed.

The person behind the hoax was a man named Ronaiah Tuiasosopo. Now, his attorney says that not only was his client behind the hoax, but he was also the person behind the voice of this fake woman. Yes, Te'o thought he was talking to a female for months, but it now turns out that it was another male.

The recordings show a very convincing female voice. "It didn't sound like a man. It sounded like a woman. It's incredible that he can make that noise," Te'o told Couric.

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