Do you believe in karma?

Something tells me this guy believes in it now after getting a healthy dose from a quick one-on-one matchup with a little kid.

From here on out we will refer to the little kid as "lil' man."

You can hear his mom cheer him on as he tries to make a basket, but a full-grown man swats his shot away just as the lil' man goes in to score. Lil' man doesn't give up, but every time he gets back up, he gets knocked down by this guy—who is kind of a bully, if we're being honest.

But in the end (literally the end of the video), lil' man pulled the ULTIMATE move to get the win.

Shout out to this little kid who did what he had to do to get the W in a video that has already been viewed over 4 million times.

Twitter, Barstool Sports
Twitter, Barstool Sports

Also, shout out to the grown dude who will hopefully think twice about being such a big man when it comes to people who are at waist level.

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