'It's a bra!'

Oh, Ella, you sweet, sweet child. That is definitely not a bra, it's a thong. And someday you won't want to wear either. To think that I would do anything to not have to wear a bra (and let's be real thongs are the worst too) and this little girl is refusing to take her moms off!

But I get it, playing dress up in your moms clothes was fun back in the day and since Ella so teenie tiny I'm sure that "bra" was the only thing that fit. So, I feel like I have to give her an "A" for effort. I mean, when I played dress up I didn't even try to put on my mother's clothes. I think I knew, even back then, that a jean shirt with Looney Tunes on it was unacceptable.

Real talk though, if I have a daughter and she doesn't pull a stunt like this I will be extremely disappointed. This video is so adorable! I've watched it more times than I can count and each time Ella turns around I laugh out loud.

Can Ella's mom send this to America's Funniest Videos? I'm pretty sure this could win that $100,000. Let's be real, everyone loves a cute kid doing adorably hilarious things and this video is all of that!

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