The cries of children can be heard as a young girl bangs on the side of a school bus while brandishing a handgun in a disturbing viral video.

It was a moment caught on video that has been circulating on social media and now the little girl's mother is speaking out, laying all of the blame on her daughter's school.

In the video, you can hear a male voice mention something about a fight but it's hard to make out the words due to the terrified children who can be heard crying in the background.

According to another video posted by @empoweryounola the girl holding the gun in the video had apparently been in a fight with another girl on the school bus.

Another video posted by @newtralgrounds shared even more information, including footage of the fight that led to the little girl returning to the school bus with a gun and a subsequent video of her mother disarming her before sharing her feelings on this whole situation.

The mother says she doesn't feel like her child should be held accountable for brandishing the firearm because her daughter was being bullied. She also said that the firearm was not supposed to be in her daughter's possession but confirmed that her daughter did indeed get ahold of the gun.

Whether or not her daughter planned to actually use the weapon, the mother explained that her daughter was frustrated with being bullied and seemingly justified her actions as understandable self-defense.

She went on to blame Akili Academy for the incident, calling the school "messy" and accusing them of letting other students "play too much."

An update to the story from @empoweryounola shared even more details of the story, including testimony from the parents of the kids who were fighting with the little girl before she went to retrieve a weapon.


According to WDSU, the girl waving the weapon in the video and her mother was arrested, and the Akili Academy student has been suspended following the incident.

The girl seen in the video with the gun is 12 years old and was arrested for aggravated assault and her mother was arrested and charged with the principle of aggravated assault and for contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile.

See the full story on the fallout from the disturbing video here via WDSU.

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