Did 'Party Rock Anthem' rappers LMFAO just start an actual beef with Rick Ross?

According to TMZ, the answer is yes. The duo shot a little slick talk towards the husky Miami rap don for serving them with a lawsuit for their 2010 hit song 'Party Rock Anthem,' calling him a fake thug for contriving his image as a cold-blooded drug lord, when in fact he is a former correctional officer.

In January, news broke that Ross sued LMFAO for taking his lyrics, slightly changing the words and using them in 'Party Rock Anthem.' In LMFAO's song, they say "Everyday I'm shufflin'," which clearly seems to borrow from the hook of Ross' 2006 hit 'Hustlin.' LMFAO claim the lyrics in the song are fair game, even though they admit to putting their own spin on the line.

Hopefully, the beef will remain in the courtroom and not spill out into the streets because it doesn't seem like LMFAO are the kind to throw a punch. That may not matter much since Ross went at female rapper Kreayshawn back in 2011, after she dissed him in one of her freestyles, so anything is possible.

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