This weekend we, along with our media partner KATC-TV 3, reported that a local woman with cerebral palsy had her electronic wheelchair stolen from a local campground. Since the report broke several local people have come forth and offered up donations. One family in Acadiana even went the distance to give the family a wheel chair so that Lacey could get around. Well we have some good news to pass along to you now!!According to KATC TV-3, Lacey's wheelchair has been returned!! Yes, the $8,000 wheelchair that was stolen was returned to the  Scott Maintenance Building Sunday night.



Lacey's wheel chair was custom made to fit her and even had her name on the back of it. Scott Police are still investigating the incident and are pursuing leads. We ask that if you have any information on this terrible incident to contact the Scott Police Department at (337) 233-3715.

All in all, we are glad that Lacey has her custom fit wheel chair back, but it does not diminish the fact that someone had the audacity to steal this wheelchair knowing that someone that needed it had to do without. Still, to see the people of Acadiana come forth and offer up their assistance was heart warming!!

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