Life wasn't just jet planes, champagne, mansions, and pink Cadillacs for Elvis Presley; Elvis owned and would often stay in a mobile home. A local company was recently hired to haul a mobile home that Elvis once owned.

We've hauled thousands of mobile homes, but none with this kind of history. - Beefy Williams

BB's Mobile Home Transport of Scott, owned by Suzanne and Beefy Williams, was contacted about moving the mobile home after someone in the area recommended them (the man in charge of hiring a mobile home mover has ties to South Louisiana).  The job: haul what once was Elvis's trailer from the Kruse Museum in Auburn, Indiana to Warehouse Antiques and Restaurant in Cleveland, Mississippi.

Photo by BB's Mobile Home Transport

According to this story from CNN Travel, the home was set up on the Circle G Ranch ("G" for Graceland), and it was used when Elvis and Priscilla and their friends (the Memphis Mafia) wanted to escape media attention and get away from Graceland for a bit. The story goes on to say that the home was purchased new by Elvis in 1967, and changed hands a few times before it went up for auction in 2018. (No one ever changed the registration; they wanted it to say that it was registered to Elvis Presley!) The home was restored to the condition it was in when Elvis owned it, and then was auctioned.

Beefy and Suzanne Williams shared the following documents with me for this story:

Photo by BB's Mobile Home Transport

According to the documents, after a $1,200 down payment, Elvis paid 12 monthly installments of $437.19 to pay off the trailer. The total cost of the 1967 60x12 mobile home was (including license & title) $6,006.00! (Notice that a year's worth of insurance only cost him $97!)

Photo by BB's Mobile Home Transport

And, right there at the bottom of the Bill of Sale, is that very recognizable signature:

Photo by Bb's Mobile Home Transport

When asked about having hauled Elvis Presley's mobile home, Beefy Williams replied: "I've done some really cool things in my life, but who would have thought that I'd be hauling anything that Elvis once owned, much less slept in? I am honored that they trusted us to get the mobile home delivered safely and without incident. We've hauled thousands of mobile homes, but none with this kind of history. Now I get to add this experience to my line of stories that not many people will believe!"

William's father, Bernard Williams Sr, or "Pops" as we called him, started the mobile home transport company in 1973. "My dad was a big Elvis fan, so I really wish he would have still been around when we got this call," Williams says. "He took pride in his work, and this would have been the crown jewel of his career".

Kudos to BB's Mobile Home Transport of Scott for delivering that mobile home in one piece and helping to preserve a bit of Elvis Presley's past!

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