It was late one night last week, and going down my Facebook feed as normal, something was happening. Everyone kept commenting. Some shocked. Some disgusted. Some laughing. Some excited. A few people even mentioned a mom putting a knife in her pants. By the time I connected the dots, I found out it was an episode of "True Life" on MTV that featured a Theriot family from Port Allen. They had cleverly titled the episode. "True Life: The Theriot Family - The Riot On The Bayou: My Mom Hates My Boyfriend." I thought it was pretty clever ya know ... Theriot .. The riot ... nice one. I even spoke to a few members of the Hot Crew including Chris Reed who actually saw the episode and he told me how wild it was. Well, as it would happen ... it fell to the bottom of the "list" of things I say i want to do from being busy with many many other things, but i FINALLY (weeks later) decide to set some time aside and watch this episode and boy oh boy I tell ya. This family is a hot mess.  I notice the general reaction to shows like this that are filmed in Louisiana is that one half of the crowd is excited for LA to be on TV and the other half is disgusted that we are misrepresented and stereotyped. Either way, over a million people saw the episode and over 60,000 have watched online, so we might be seeing more of the Theriot's Riots on the Bayou. Especially after this was featured on MTV's blog.

If you missed the show, you can see the full episode here below.

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