A local lawn service is down one leader going into the spring after being struck by a vehicle while mowing.

According to a Facebook post by Ameriscape Lawn & Landscape Maintenance, one of their men was airlifted to a hospital after reportedly being hit by a vehicle. The photo they posted showed an orange mower in a ditch with AirMed in the background of the scene where the incident allegedly took place.

This is a reminder that the approaching warm season means that landscapers and residents operating mowers, yard trimmers, tractors and other lawn equipment will be near roadways in the coming months and distracted driving could result in serious consequences.

Fortunately, the landscaper in this incident didn't suffer any life-threatening injuries, but the next person hit while operating lawn equipment may not be so lucky. The same goes for construction workers and others who work close to roadways—especially in rural areas.

Be careful out there.

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