Who said rehab had to be painful and stressful? Watch as a Physical Therapist from Mamou dances with one of his patients during a physical therapy session.

Hunter Crist, from The Therapy Center, was caught on camera dancing with a patient while they went through a rehab session and now this video has gone viral.

I have heard from many that have gone through physical therapy sessions that it can at times be painful, boring, and just not fun. Well, don't tell that to this patient.

It's so refreshing to see this Mamou native having fun at work. I doubt they teach this type "fun" in physical therapy school, but put on a good Cajun song and put someone from Mamou in scrubs---And you have a party!

We need more "news" like this. If you have any good news please share with us so that we can highlight the right things going on here in south Louisiana.

Job well-done, Hunter!

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