A little bit of relief is on the way for service industry workers in downtown Lafayette.

Servers, bartenders, bar-backs and others who depend on tips at locally-owned bars, restaurants, and cafes in downtown Lafayette have definitely felt the financial blowback of COVID-19. We've seen some downtown restaurants do their best to adapt with things like the 'Toot & Scoot' curbside service, but the establishments that are even able to remain open are doing so with a fraction of their normal staff.

Thanks to a fundraising initiative from Social Entertainment, downtown service industry workers will be able to apply for financial support thanks to the generosity of our local community.

The 'Lost My Tips Fund' kicked off this Monday (April 6) and will run over the next two weeks as a collaboration between Social Entertainment, Downtown Lafayette, Parish Brewing Co., Robbie Breaux & Team, Runaway Dish, The Law Offices of Matt & Allen, and United Way of Acadiana.

Their goal is to raise $30,000 and "help as many downtown service industry workers as possible." Social Entertainment has already helped local artists with their 'Lost My Gig Fund' that raised $33,925 and offered financial support to 106 full time, local musicians who are currently unable to work due to gig cancellations related to COVID-19.

Downtown Lafayette service Industry workers can apply for financial support by following the steps on the ‘Lost My Tips’ fundraiser page here on Facebook.

Donations to ‘Lost My Tips Fund’ can be made via the donation page on Facebook or here via United Way of Acadiana.

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