I can understand once or twice, but ten times?

Well, I'm not sure if they've done it ten times, but it seems like everytime the Cajuns are on national television, ESPN puts up the WRONG logo. This week, Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns head football coach Mark Hudspeth had enough.

On Wednesday night, ESPN put up a graphic box promoting the Thursday night matchup between Louisiana and Texas State, but the logo they used was definitely not the Ragin' Cajuns logo and Coach Hud publicly called them out on Twitter.


In all fairness, you had many people comment on Hud's tweet that Louisiana may have possibly brought this upon themselves by never being 100% clear on what people should call them (UL, ULL, the University of Louisiana "AT" Lafayette) but this gaffe has less to do with that and more to do with ESPN fumbling on the logo selection.

They ended up getting it right during the game last night, but for whatever reason, this happens quite often on ESPN, and it truly makes you wonder how such a big network that specializes in sports can't get something as simple as a team logo correct.

I mean, could you imagine if they made the TV deal with the wrong university? Could you imagine them sending their trucks and tons of broadcast equipment to the wrong town? I say this because all of these decisions are being made under the same umbrella of ESPN: "The Worldwide Leader In Sports."

So, from Coach Hud and the rest of the Ragin' Cajuns Nation to ESPN: Use this one.

Ragin' Cajuns

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