A Hammond, Louisiana contractor is claiming city officials gave him the wrong address, which led to him demolishing the wrong house.

Jamal Mosely tells theadvocate.com that Hammond city officials mixed up the address for the house he was hired to demolish, and now Mosely claims he hasn't been paid because of it.

However, Bobby Mitchell, the city’s code enforcement officer argues the instructions were clear and that the "demolition order was for a vacant blue house, not a brown structure that Mosley tore down next to it" according to theadvocate.com.

Mosley says "There was a big mix-up with the addresses and the information given to me and afterward I was told something different so now I’m stuck with the financing of demolishing a house for free” according to theadvocate.com.

The good news is that the house that was accidentally demolished was vacant and the owner planned to have it demolished anyway.

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