It has become a tradition at Taylor Swift’s concerts for someone from Taylor Nation or Andrea Swift, Taylor’s mother, to hand-pick fans from the crowd and offer them a unique experience.

For years fans have tried to crack the code and figure out what catches Taylor Nation’s attention. Sometimes fans in the nose bleeds are offered floor seats by simply having a good time and dancing during the preshow festivities.  Other times fans are tapped on the shoulder mid-concert and brought backstage for a private meet and greet with no warning.

Viral Fan Moments

I can think of several artists who have built out a moment in their set where a super fan is brought onto the stage or highlighted in some way. Lainey Wilson and Paramore have brought fans on stage to sing, and Usher has…well he has made some celebrities who are huge fans feel very special at his Vegas Residency show.  Another special fan moment that I remember everyone wanting to get chosen for was at Justin Bieber’s concert for the song ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ where he would choose a fan and they would sit on stage while he serenaded them in front of thousands of people.

A Once-in-a-lifetime Experience

Chances are you have seen moments like this floating around on social media from concerts you haven’t even attended yourself. There is an extraordinary moment built into Taylor Swift’s The Era’s Tour that has every fan hoping and praying they will be chosen for it. Andrea Swift makes her way over to a lucky Swiftie during the concert and invites them to wait in a designated area near the front of the stage where they will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience during the song ‘22’.

The Lucky Swiftie chosen at the Saturday show in Denver was a young Chalmette, Louisiana girl named Emma JO who according to WVUE was attending her first concert ever. Emma was chosen to be the fan that is handed the hat Taylor wears during the Red Era portion of the concert by none other than Taylor Swift herself. She was so amazingly composed considering arguably the biggest pop star was approaching her in front of 70,000 people to share this wholesome once-in-a-lifetime moment that Swifties everywhere wish they could experience.

Watch Emma's Exclusive Encounter With Taylor Swift Below.



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