This was too cute.

Watch as 3-year-old Jasper Myers rounds the bases and then gets to home plate in a very unique way during his t-ball game.

The young boy, who is from Moss Bluff, did flips down the 3rd baseline as he attempted to score during his game.

His mom says that she was not surprised to see her son do this because he is a very strong-minded kid.


Since the video of Jasper doing flips on the baseball field was posted on social media, it has gone viral and was even highlighted on "The Today Show".

Now, Jasper's way of rounding the bases will be part of "America's Funniest Home Videos" this Sunday at 6 pm (March 19th).

Check out Jasper's antics as he rounded 3rd base during a recent t-ball game.

One more thing, this video has got to be played when he graduates high school or when he gets married.

This is too good.


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