It takes as little as 15 minutes for a dog to die of a heat stroke in a hot vehicle. Dogs overheat easily and struggle to cool themselves down even when a car window has been left open or water has been left in the car.

Kenner police arrested a man after his dog was left inside a hot U-Haul truck.

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Via Getty Images
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Once Police arrived they say the dog had been locked inside the U-Haul truck with the windows up for a total of 45-60 minutes. The dog was suffering from a heat stroke and barely breathing. They rushed the dog to a veterinary clinic however it did not survive and passed away at the clinic.

This is a terrible and unfortunate incident that could have been avoided, animal cruelty is a serious offense and we will arrest you

The owner of the now-deceased dog, Carlos Rivera-Medrano, was eating lunch while his dog was suffering from a heat stroke. Police arrested him and booked him with aggravated animal cruelty.

Common Signs Of Heat Stroke In Dogs:

Recognizing the signs of heat stroke in your pets is essential for ensuring their well-being, especially during our hot Louisiana summers.

1. Excessive Panting: Dogs regulate their body temperature by panting if you notice excessive panting they may be struggling to cool down.

2. Excessive Drooling: Dogs will drool but excessive drooling that is thick and rope-like can be a sign of stress related to heat.

3. Bright Red Gums and Tongue: If they are red or turning purple this could be an indication of heat stroke.

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