Are you down for some good ole' Louisiana haunted houses?

Louisiana is known for being one of the most haunted states in America, and we have some of the best haunted houses because we can back up our stories.

Speaking of haunted houses, the Facebook page 'Only In Louisiana' did an article on the scariest haunted houses in the entire state of Louisiana. Check them out below.

  1. The 13th Gate - This is by far the scariest haunted house in Louisiana and you can find it in Baton Rouge. How many people have ever made it through all 13 rooms?
  2. Fright Trail - This one is close to home in Lafayette/Scott, with over 20 acres of haunted woods you're bound to be frightened.
  3. The Mortuary - This one is truly a haunted house in New Orleans and the workers there say they see real hauntings day and night. They even let you sleep there overnight if you dare!
  4. The House of Shock - This one is located in Jefferson parish right under the Huey P. Long bridge. It's put on by the band Pantera and is rated the most intense haunted house in the world by Playboy, Rolling Stone and Maxim. They use real blood in there, but whose is it? We will never know!
  5. The Lost Hollows - The only way you can get to this one is by shuttle in Lake Charles, then they make you get out and leave you all alone in the middle of the woods! Ahhhhhhhh!
  6. NecroManor - If you want to take a trip to north Louisiana in Bossier City you will find this spooky gem of a haunt. It's centered around the story of Shady Grove Sanatorium. That story by itself is enough to freak you out.
  7. Tree Farm Massacre - Okay, the title alone will make you scream. If you want to experience this haunt you have to make the trip to Leesville to see the un-dead. It almost sounds like a horror movie.
  8. RISE Haunted House - If zombies are your thing, you're gonna love this haunted house in Hammond. It's full of the walking dead, and this isn't  a TV show, this is the real thing! BTW they do Zombie paintball can thank me later. : )
  9. Evil Visions Haunted House -  Last but not least this haunted house put Monroe on the map (forget about those Duck guys.) You've heard the stories, now experience the pure terror of unspeakable death and destruction, blood and guts everywhere, and that's just the introduction!

Have you been to any of these haunted houses? Will you go? What haunted house do you think is the scariest in Louisiana? Comment below.

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