A Louisiana Jr. High School secretary is no longer employed by the school after she sent a racist text message to another faculty member.

Screengrabs of the alleged exchange between Ouachita Jr. High School Secretary Newlyn Fontana and a coach at the school surfaced earlier this week on social media as some users were shocked to see how casually the racist language was used—by a school employee no less.

A video highlighting the text exchange from Walter Geno McLaughlin went viral on social media, being shared hundreds of times across multiple platforms.

A report from KTVE/KARD confirmed that Fontana has since resigned from her position after her racist text messages were made public. The Ouachita school's Junior High School Secretary seemed to attempt to shift the conversation based on the screengrab but it was clear that the junior high school coach was confused after receiving the racial slur.

Huh? Say what? Where that come from?

Fontana was apologetic about the racist text saying that she didn't mean to send it, but by then, the damage was already done.

According to officials with the Ouachita School Board, the texts were confirmed to be real, and KTVE/KARD was also informed that Fontana was no longer employed by the school system.

The Jr. High School principal, Darren Wheeler, made it clear that his school does not "condone any form of racism."

Unfortunately, on Friday evening, a text message which contained a racial slur from an employee was brought to our attention. That employee is no longer employed by the Ouachita Parish School System. We do not condone any form of racism in our schools and community.

See the full story here via KTVE/KARD.

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