After every election night, one thing is for sure and that is you will see the 'I Voted' sticker across your Instagram stories and timelines across social media.

Louisiana's Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin showcased the new design for the 'I Voted' stickers you receive after you place your votes on election night. The beautiful design was previewed at an unveiling ceremony at the Louisiana State Archives.

This design was originally painted before it was turned into a sticker. Artist Becky Fos was the person who designed and painted the portrait that was used for the new stickers. Ardoin gave huge praise to Ms. Fos, as he stated:

“We are extremely grateful to Ms. Fos for creating another beautiful, original work of art to grace Louisiana’s ‘I Voted’ stickers for the second year in a row. Her expressive use of color provides a creative twist on iconic Louisiana imagery,”

In my opinion, the new sticker looks much better than the old stickers, it's night and day in terms of quality. The old sticker was just one that had 'I Voted' in a specific type of font on the sticker. Normally after I vote, I don't take a sticker but now I definitely will take one because this design is awesome.

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