According to U.S.News and World Report, we are number one at being the worst. Yep, Louisiana once again has captured the top spot in a poll that puts us down at the bottom.

The magazine issued their "Best States" ranking recently and just like last year this amazing place that we called home was chosen as the armpit of America. I don't think that's exactly right but it based on the survey and the way it was made we didn't win. Or, maybe we did win at being bad.

I know our state has problems. I know our state's politicians are short-sighted and possibly corrupt at every level of government too. I know our education system needs to be improved and our water isn't exactly clean and sometimes we don't have enough jobs for all of our people and, Okay, maybe we are the worst.

The bigger question has got to be, Why haven't we fixed anything?

We were at the bottom last year. We could have at least caught and passed Mississippi or Alabama. By the way, Mississippi was #49. It appears they beat us because they don't have the kind of criminals that we have. Alabama was a surprising #46 they appear to have picked up points for better infrastructure.

My question is this, if Louisiana is so bad why are we all still here? You know the answer and so do I. It's home. It's amazing. It's, to borrow a phrase from a neighbor A Whole Other Country, albeit a third world country.

Maybe my attitude of being happy as a pig in slop is the reason we're still in the slop. We appear to like where we are and I don't see many of us rattling the cages or storming the polling places to change anything.

Can we be better and do better? You bet! Will we? Probably not, we're to busy having the time of our life at the bottom of the mountain. Maybe Sebastian from the Little Mermaid was right when he sang "Darling it's better down where it's wetter". I wouldn't disagree with that by the way.

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