You know we're witnessing something rare when the people on the Weather Channel are this excited.

The Weather Channel's Mike Siedel is reporting live from Monroe, LA, and as he went live from Interstate 20 with a live shot that looked like something from the Northeastern U.S.

Siedel informed viewers that the near whiteout that they were seeing wasn't from Buffalo, but instead from Louisiana as the shot showed snow-packed roads that are at least 3-4 inches deep.

While all of Louisiana is experiencing some type of wintry weather, northern parts of the state are definitely getting the most severe conditions purely off of proximity with record-breaking lows in an area that doesn't see much snow this far down south.

Even being in the most northern part of the state, we barely get a drop in the bucket when it comes to snow, but now some areas are seeing conditions with visibility at no more than 100 yards and enough snow on the ground to where motorists can't see lane lines.

Keep in mind, we don't have snow plows since we don't see this type of weather often enough.

On top of what we're seeing, this area will continue to experience record lows all week so there will be little chance for any of this to melt with limited sunshine. There is also far more ice than snow, so power outages could very well likely become an issue.

Please continue to follow all precautions and stay as safe and as warm as possible.

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