A Louisiana man has garnered thousands of signatures in an effort to get rid of window tint laws in Louisiana.

Kyle Hebert posted a petition on Change.org proposing that we get rid of window tint laws in Louisiana because he feels like our "privacy and protection" is being compromised.

Most people tint their personal vehicles for many reasons. Some being to keep criminals from seeing inside the vehicle, protecting their investment of the vehicle's interior, and protecting their eyes from bright sunlight during the day. Some law enforcement says it obstructs the view of the driver. Well if this is true, then why do police officer have units that are tinted darker than legal limit on all of their windows. We should be allowed to protect ourselves, family, and our vehicle investments. Here in Louisiana we have thousands of oilfield workers that park their vehicles out along the coast for weeks at a time. This causes damage to the interior of the vehicle over a course of time. The legal limit as of now doesn't provided much protection from the sunlight nor criminals preying on parked cars. Beings they can see what is inside makes them tempted more often. Law enforcement agencies claim they can't see inside the vehicle so it's a threat to their safety. Well they can't see inside of a house when they walk up to it so what's the difference. If our vehicle is an extension of our home we should be allowed to treat the vehicle as such. I would say window tint laws should be for individuals with criminal records, but criminals do not follow laws anyways. Help me get rid of this law on window tinting as its a threat to our privacy as American citizens.

Anyone who has ever dealt with south Louisiana heat knows how important tint can be when it comes to protecting your interior and keeping your car cooler when temperatures soar past the 100 degree mark.

But do you think Kyle has a valid argument? Apparently, more than 4,000 people (at the time of this post) believe that he does and would also like to see window tint laws abolished in Louisiana.

Some supporters with sensitive eyes say the sun makes it harder for them to see while driving, and while permits can be granted by the state to allow darker tint, some commenters said they weren't able to obtain the license.

I'm signing because I have light blue eyes and they are very sensitive to the Sun! I'm stuck wearing sunglasses every minute that there is sun out. I have the scar tissue on my nose to show for it! I would like to have darker tint so that I can take them off every once in a while and enjoy the Sun!! But if I did that, I'd be wiping away tears while driving, don't want that. I don't have a condition, so I can't get a doctor's note. I Would just go ahead and get the tint, like everyone else and then try to sympathize with the officer if I ever get pulled over for it but it would be my luck for the officer to be a jerk and have no sympathy!

Others agreed that they should be able to treat their vehicle like an extension of their home.

as an oilfeild worker i park my truck for weeks unattended. i feel just the same, as an extension of our home, it should be treated the same!

What do you say? Comment below and sign his online petition here.

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