Isn't it funny that the things we're not supposed to see are the things we want to see the most? Or the things we call unmentionables are the things we like to mention the most? You've probably figured out by now that we are about to unveil an opportunity for you to learn a little bit more about a product many of you have used since you were little. Yes, I am talking about underwear and specifically about women's underwear. 

By its very name, it would not be out of the realm of reasonable people to assume that underwear was not meant to be seen in a public display. After all, it's supposed to be worn under other garments for comfort and sanitary reasons. Well, that was underwear in the beginning. Now, underwear is its own fashion statement.

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I can remember a time when a bra strap showing was cause for embarrassment. But now, the bra, the strap, the cups, heck even the little clasps are often on the public display depending on what store you happen to be shopping at or what TV award show you're watching. Let's face it our underwear is out there.

Which has led to one of the more interesting discussions I have had about women's undergarments in a very long time. My question for you is, if you happen to be a female lady woman girl person is this. Why is there a little tiny bow on the front of your panties?

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Depending on the style of undergarment you choose that bow could be very tiny or very big. The bow usually gets bigger and showier the more expensive the undergarments happen to be. And as far as I can tell, the bow, whether big or small, has absolutely no purpose or meaning. But once upon a time it most certainly did have not only a meaning but a purpose and it was a very admirable purpose.

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The tiny bow on your BVDs, I guess they make women's underwear too, is a homage to the underpants of yesteryear. You see there was once a time in this world where elastic had not been invented. So, a modern girl wanting to put her big girl panties on would need a little assistance in keeping them up. To secure the underwear to the bottom at hand a small belt of ribbon was laced through the top of the garment. This ribbon was tied, much like a drawstring to keep the panties in place.

Since today's modern lingerie and undergarments do have elastic and other means of self-support the tiny ribbon and its tiny bow are no longer needed but in a nod toward tradition manufacturers have kept the bow in place as part of the history of the garment and to help make a fashion statement too.

In researching this story I asked several dozen women if they knew what the "little bow" on their underwear was for and all of them but one were simply blown away when they learned what you've just learned. So perhaps, this can be your "Today I Learned" moment for the day.

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