Don't mess with a woman from New Orleans, or anywhere in Louisiana, no matter how old they are. One young school-boy had to learn that lesson the hard way when a young lady was forced to tell him exactly how things were going to be during this viral argument.

Women from 'The Boot' got attitude and here is the thing, they are born with it. It isn't something that Louisiana ladies develop over time. At a very young age, women from all around our wonderful state start setting fellas straight and one young school-girl did just that in a video that has made so many on social media laugh.

Before you watch the video below, check out how this argument went down, piece by piece...

Now that you've got the breakdown, check out the full video plus reactions from others on social media below.

Here is the post from @nothnbutlaughs via Twitter.

She really said all that!

The conversation seemed to revolve around listening to ya Momma, which is why the young girl feels so passionately. She is trying to explain to the young child that he needs to listen to his Momma as well... Just priceless!

Now check out how the rest of Twitter reacted to the video below.

Y'all gonna learn eventually to stop playing with women from Louisiana!

This is how you know you're from Louisiana...

You Know You're From Louisiana

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