It was all out of fun, but some will twist the words of LSU Athletic Director Scoot Woodward.

While on the Paul Finebaum Show in Destin, Fl this week, LSU A.D. Scott Woodward was asked about the feud between coaches Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher and Woodward said that he wouldn't get between the two "Hillbillies."

All of the SEC coaches are in Destin this week for the annual coaches meeting and that is when the comment was made.


Both Saban and Fisher are from West Virginia, thus that is what prompted Woodward to jokingly refer to them as such.

If you don't recall, Saban recently accused Jimbo Fisher, the coach of Texas A&M, of "buying" players as Texas A&M brought in the number one recruiting class in college football.

Jimbo Fisher responded to accusations with these comments.

Since this presser, Saban has apologized for his words, but the fire is still lit between the two coaches who once coached together, at LSU.

Now onto Scott Woodward's comments on the two rival coaches.


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