Three LSU coaches and their Athletic Director were in Lafayette Wednesday night and while sports was the main focus of their discussion, some entertaining things were brought up.

Their visit was all part of a fundraising event for the Tiger Athletic Foundation (TAF) and it was hosted at Walkons off of Kalistee Saloom.

Some of the highlights from this discussion included LSU Football Coach Brian Kelly talking about the annual Spring Game and the new men's Basketball Coach, Matt McMahon, discussing how he plans to rebuild LSU Men's Basketball.

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Staff Photo

While most of the discussions were informative about certain LSU sports programs, there were still a few highlights that I want to mention here, that were entertaining.

  1. Prior to the panel discussion, I spoke to LSU Athletic Director Scott Woodward and he wanted to know if LaFonda was still "the place to be" in Lafayette. He was very complimentary of their margaritas.
  2. LSU Women's Soccer Coach Sian Hudson mentioned how some players and coaches had an impromptu soccer match after the Garth Brooks concert last week. When fans saw what was going on, some jumped the fence to take part in the fun.
  3. Scott Woodward noted that most coaches from LSU aren't from here. He said it's not like they're from Youngsville, Broussard, or Mamou. He also jokingly said that he came back to Louisiana because of the fishing and hunting down here. He knows Louisiana well.
  4. LSU Men's Basketball Coach Matt McMahon jokingly said that he took the LSU job because he knew that he could get free tickets to LSU football games.
  5. Brian Kelly told Tiger fans in attendance that Garth Brooks will not be the only one to create an earthquake in Tiger Stadium this year. Coach Kelly said to get ready!

All in all, this was a great event and it was good to see these coaches "let their hair down" and interact with the fans.

I will say this to LSU fans, the athletic department at LSU is in good hands and there are more things to come.

The future certainly looks bright for LSU Athletics.

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