At the LSU School of Dentistry, some students took time out to show how important it is to clean your teeth by making a video called 'Preppin' Caries'. It's a parody of 'Can't Hold Us' by Macklemore.

This is one way to get people interested in keeping your hygiene up. The video features several LSU School of Dentistry students acting as rappers in the popular song, and of course a big tooth running around the streets of New Orleans. LOL!!

I think it's really cool that they would take the time out of their super busy schedule to make this.

Some of the lyrics to Preppin' Cares goes like this:

Return of  the plaque, drill it!

What is this, what is that, what it is, what is that

Hopin' for a better day I laid it on the test

Instead of dead-end checks I'm checkin' head and neck

Wake up! Crunch time, Post-Kat swagger, seafoam green scrub top, a little bit nauseous.

Now imagine that behind the 'Can't Hold Us' beat. It's pretty catchy, and I'm pretty sure that's what they were going for. Don't forget to brush your teeth twice a day and floss. : )


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