After the recent LSU/West Virgina Football Game, police say four LSU fans were attacked after the game, with one of them suffering severe head injuries. As fans exited from Milan Puskar Stadium, police say a rock was thrown into a vehicle carrying four LSU fans. Several people then approached the car and proceeded to allegedly assault the driver and the three passengers in the car.According to The Charleston Daily Mail, one of the victims in the car sustained serious injuries that resulted in a broken nose, a crushed eye socket and other injuries. The victim was transported to a local hospital and had to undergo surgery.

While this incident remains under investigation, sadly it is not the only of its kind. Perhaps the most noted incident involving fans came when two Los Angeles Dodger fans attacked a man wearing a San Fransico Giants jersey. The victim in this case sustained such serious injuries that he was put into a medically induced coma. Fans from both of the respective teams in this altercation agree that such type behavior is not warranted, nor is it even neccesary. "That's going overboard. They shouldn't have put hands on anybody. They shouldn't have went that far. It's a game," said Diana Cisneros, a Dodgers fan.

Aside from that incident, another group of fans were recently attacked outside of an Oakland Raiders game because of their allegiance to a visiting team, thus resulting in bodily injuries. Plus, in a separate incident from that altercation, a Dallas Cowboy fan was recently tazed at a game in New York by a Jets Fan. I guess what I am getting to here is that fans are becoming more and more violent towards one another. Fans have lost the "art" of being fans. Cheer for your team, root for your colors, yet respect those that aren't are going against you. While it seems like a rather simple philosophy, to some it is much more complicated.

I, for the life of me, can't understand why fans can't respect each other. Sure, it is fun to have a rivalary or talk "smack" to an opposing team's fans, yet there is a limit. This is a sport, it is not life or death. However, some fans simply can't distinguish between having "fun" and taking it too "serious." Sure fans will talk "smack," they always have and always will, yet it is NOT an excuse for fans to fight one another.

Plain and simple, it is time fans learn how to be fans again. Cheer your team, have fun with opposing fans, and shake it off at the end of the game. Oh, and if you're going to "dish it out," you need to learn to "take a little" here and there too.

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