If you cheer for the LSU Tigers, you have a huge responsibility in the weeks ahead.

Sure, the 2021 football season has not lived up to the hype and expectations, but the season is far from over.

Will LSU contend for a championship in 2021? Probably not. But that doesn't mean that LSU fans should abandon ship.

Changes are likely coming to LSU football in the weeks ahead, but LSU fans better be very careful as we approach the midway mark of this season.

You see, at each home game LSU, like many other football programs around the country, brings in big-time recruits to experience game day in Tiger Stadium.

So, if fans don't show up for home games in Tiger Stadium, recruits will be walking into an empty stadium and that won't look good for the program.

Remember, the recruits that LSU brings in for home games have visited or will visit stadiums in Alabama, Georgia, Auburn, Texas A&M, Clemson, etc. The point here is clear, if you're a true LSU fan, you can't have potential recruits hear crickets in Tiger Stadium.

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So many around the country credit Tiger Stadium as one of the loudest and proudest stadiums in the country, but if the stadium is half full in the weeks ahead, you can scratch that "selling point".

Another thing LSU fans need to take into consideration in the weeks ahead is how they treat the current coaching staff. Booing coaches or calling for their termination does not "sell" the program to any potential recruit.

As a matter of fact, if fans are booing the team or coaches on game day, recruits that are in the stadium soak this in and ultimately walk away asking if they want to be subjected to that type of treatment when times may get tough.

I'll be honest with you here, like so many of you that support the LSU Tigers, I too wanted so much more from this team.

Do they have what it takes to compete at the highest level, absolutely! However, with some bad luck on their side, the Tigers just have not found their groove this season.

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Keep in mind, the future of the LSU football program is and always will be bright, but fans cannot tarnish the image of the program in the weeks ahead. By doing so, it could take years to bounce back.

So, even while this team may be down, LSU fans MUST continue to paint the good picture and hope for brighter days in Baton Rouge.

Here's your final warning, LSU fans you have a role in the weeks ahead, don't let the program down.


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